The Artist - official lyric video

End of an era - official lyric video

Libby Tisler, a Nashville-based indie-pop artist, channels her emotions into her music with a straightforward songwriting process: she hits record and strums her guitar until something sticks. Her dreamy sound finds beauty in the ordinary, crafting metaphors from everyday moments. Blending melancholic lyrics with airy harmonies, she reflects on life’s journey. On September 27, she will release her debut EP, Hopping Dimensions, a “coming of age story” about emerging from darkness, coping, letting go, and finding joy in change. The EP’s lead single, “End of An Era” (June 12), captures the anxiety of transitions. 


Libby, originally from Rhode Island, studied music at Tulane University before moving to Nashville, where she writes music and records them with producer Alex Bonyata. Her keen attention to detail and use of familiar symbols allow listeners to uniquely interpret her lyrics, much like life’s varied experiences.