Libby Tisler is an independent singer/songwriter from the tiny state of Rhode Island. After spending several years studying music and management in New Orleans, Libby now resides in Nashville where she is writing, performing and embracing everything the city has to offer. This move has provided much inspiration and has fueled Libby’s desire to continue creating new music which she often performs live.  

Once Libby began playing the guitar at age 13 she couldn’t put it down. Writing her first song “Chasing Shadows” at age 14 was a pivotal milestone that has led to years of songwriting and over 100 original songs. Libby’s clever and often introspective lyrics, combined with acoustic folk, country and pop influences have created a unique sound. Both uptempo anthems and touching ballads abound in this artist’s impressive music catalogue. Her personal and evocative lyrics are relatable to her audience members and receive glowing responses.  


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