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Hello again! Its pretty much been the better half of a year since I wrote anything on here. I've thought about it, at least, so I'll tell myself it's the thought that counts. But somehow time slipped out from under me and here I am, with 2 days left of my abroad program in London. While there may not be a bi-weekly update on this site, I kept a journal full of memories, a camera full of pictures and wrote a bunch of songs fueled by this experience. 

What a dream it has been.

I've had the chance to see more of the world in a short time than I ever have and maybe ever will. Places I never thought I'd see. Like soaking up sun at a park in Brighton, becoming a regular at a London cafe (shoutout to Wakey Wakey), strolling the hills by the coast in Lisbon, or driving through the Italian countryside and drinking the finest Prosecco on their mountains. I found inspiration around the corners and happiness in unassuming places.

Musically I feel recharged. In Nashville I was fed earfuls of talk about the next hit songs, charts and new artists. It had been my first time independently being in an environment like that and I was inexperienced and creatively shocked. Not in a bad way, just in a way. 

And while hopping on that plane that was going to hurl me over the Atlantic was really scary, it gave me space and a lot of freedom I haven't had before. In this space I was able to reflect on some of the changes that have been going on in my life over my past few years that the pace of my normal life doesn't allow me to think about often. Things I didn't even realize I felt or thought surfaced themselves in songs and I had the space to realize them. The songs that I wrote here helped me settle into a new voice that I didn't have before. With those new songs and voice I found new confidence to take back to New Orleans, then Nashville, or wherever the world takes me and tackle things. And hopefully I can tackle things now as my own person, not as someone so scared they couldn't fully try. 

I'm 100x beyond thankful for this experience. For all the ups and downs because studying abroad isn't perfect like Instagram wants you to think. For the friends, the memories, the journeys, the songs, the classes and for an overwhelming feeling of peace and contentment that I hope sticks around for quite some time.


9 to 5 

9 to 5

Step One: Tumble out of bed

Step Two: Stumble to the kitchen

Step Three: Pour (usually blend) myself a cup of ambition

I can thank 10 a.m. college start times for making me forget that people need to be awake and functioning at 7 a.m. and not rolling out of bed at 9:50. Even though my alarm(s) can sometimes be like a slap in the face, I get up excited for another day working in the music industry. I'm in the office at my internship 3 days a week from 9-5 and I truly love it more and more each time I step foot inside. 

Everyone at Average Joes has been so welcoming and in my few days there, I have already learned a lot. This is my first time working at a company like this and I feel like a sponge trying to suck up all the information and experiences being thrown my way. I'll wring it out a little bit to give a better idea of some of the things I've been learning.

  • I have been helping to draft tour posts to promote the artists shows and using Photoshop to make some of the graphics! Take a look HERE
  • I have learned how to use Word Press to add news items to the Average Joes website. I posted THIS!
  • I have helped to pitch songs to Spotify playlist curators 
  • The other day I was there for an A & R meeting with hopeful artists
  • I am helping to gather and record data regarding streams and interaction with the artists music and social media
  • The list can go on and on but these are some of my favorites so far!

I feel so fortunate to have this experience! I've known I want to work in the music industry for a while now and to actually be living that reality is crazy and exceeding my expectations. I'm hoping to also use this new knowledge and apply it to myself as an artist to help with my own growth!

Sometimes, 9 to 5 is more like 9 to 10:30 if I go to my hostess job afterwords. I have a lot of fun working at the restaurant and all my co-workers have made me feel so welcomed to the city and really helped with the transition here especially in the few weeks before my roommate arrived! (I'm not sure if any of you will ever find or read this, but if you do, thanks everyone <3 ) So many of them are also working in the music industry either at record labels, publicity companies or as musicians. It's so inspiring to be surrounded by so much talent and so many dedicated people. I feel energized and empowered and so ready to keep actively chasing my dreams. 

For this weeks playlist I've titled it NASHVILLE BABY! I've always enjoyed country music but have been hearing so many new songs, and some old favorites, and use this to get me in the country mood. So check it out HERE

Road Trippin' 

Road Trippin'

I don't like goodbyes. And I never have. So, I may or may not have (meaning I did) cry when I was leaving New Orleans. Over the past two years this city has become my home. I have found incredible friends, found an unparalleled music scene which helped me develop my own songwriting, found mentors, and I found myself. 

I had been planning on heading to Nashville for the summer since last summer, but for some reason it did not truly hit me until I walked out of my empty dorm room and drove out of the city that has shaped me for the past two years of my life. The distance gave me some clarity and let what was laying ahead of me sink in. With each mile further from New Orleans, and further from the flash flooding we wetly escaped, I became more and more excited about my next destination. 

ROAD TRIP TIMEEEE! Major props to my mom for being the driver for this journey and for helping to Tetris-pack the car. I'd like to think I make a good co-pilot with my mostly accurate navigation skills and radio control. But, she undoubtedly did the hard work for this road trip. An 8 hour drive was a great time to catch up with someone I haven't seen in a while and see how many times we could hear "Old Town Road." We shared many laughs and stories over leftovers from Shaya (pretty please deliver across states) and McDonalds for those 530 miles.

We made it to Nashville before the sun set. Nashville. The music city. It was laid out in front of me. Unexplored, unplayed and unimaginably wonderful. The two of us wasted no time in making progress on #6 of my goal-list. We found a burger joint The Slider House not far from Music Row with some great live music. We sang along with the band's cover songs when we weren't devouring burgers. Then we crashed since sitting in a car for 8 hours is apparently exhausting. 

The next morning I did that thing. The few seconds right between the moment when you wake up and the moment you actually open your eyes. I was 150% convinced I was in my dorm. I could see my bedding, my desk and feel the twin sized bed I knew so well. But, the butterflies that quickly started flapping in my belly let me know that boy was I wrong. 

I was not in a dorm room and I was not in New Orleans. I was in a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. All those flapping butterflies calmed down as I realized where I was and I knew I was ready. 

Are you taking a road trip? Do you want some road trip music? Would you look at that! Here's a Road Trippin' playlist to ease those miles. 

Road Trippin' Playlist


Eight Days (A Week)! 

Eight Days (A Week)!

It is currently May 4th at 10:51 p.m. In the next few days I have 2 papers and 2 finals. Could I be studying? Yes. Could I be writing my essays? Most definitely. But, could I be writing about how excited/happy/nervous/amazed I am that in 8 (almost 7) days I will be moving to Nashville for the summer? Absolutely. 

So, that's where I am: procrastinating my work, soaking up my last few days of Sophomore year, and starting a blog. For the past two years my New Year's Resolution has been to keep a journal. And for the past two years I have successfully bought a new journal and written roughly two pages before leaving it collect dust. I do use my songwriting as a sort of "life journal," but I don't want all the little moments to slip away with age and time. Since this summer is going to be full of big and little moments, I want to use this space to document my thoughts, feelings and experiences for my memory and self reflection. By sharing this on my website I hope that my family, friends, and anyone else out there who wants to, can follow along with me on my journey. 

I'M GOING TO NASHVILLE, BABY! I love New Orleans with my whole heart and soul but I can't wait to be in a city bursting at the seams with singer-songwriters and music. After several months of searching, applying, and interviewing, I will be interning with Average Joes Entertainment. This is an indie entertainment company with 3 record labels, a management company, a publishing company, and a film/television production company. I already know that I am never going to stop pursuing songwriting, so it will be fun to find new interests and passions of working in the industry.

Check out Average Joes Entertainment!

I am so insanely grateful to have this opportunity and thankful to my parents for helping me chase my dreams. For the almost 3 months that I am going to be in Nashville, I want to make the most of every single day and soak up everything the city has to offer. I figured I should outline some of my goals for my time in Nashville to remind myself of everything I hope to accomplish. 

  1. I want to find venues to perform at! (open mics, restaurants, music venues, anything!)
  2. I hope to make valuable connections through my internship and learn from their experiences.
  3. I intend to utilize things such as writers rounds or other events available through NSAI (National Songwriters Association International).
  4. Write new songs everyday (even just part of a song). It is an inspiring time, so I want to collect all these crazy feelings and turn them to art.
  5. I also want to explore co-writing more to write songs I otherwise might not, while finding my strengths and realizing where I can improve.
  6. See some awesome live music! 

The list could go on forever but these are some big ones for me!

It is now officially past midnight which means only a week till departure! That is crazy for me to think about. Living in Nashville for the summer has been something I have been dreaming of and working towards since last summer. My head and my heart are full of so many different emotions. The biggest one is excitement. I am getting ready to take a huge step in pursuing a career in the music industry. This is something I want with my whole being and work towards and think about every day. Of course I am a little nervous too. I want this experience to meet my expectations and I want do everything I can to make it a successful trip. These emotions go on forever and ever, so, of course I have started writing a song about it which will fill your ears eventually.

Music and songwriting is something that I love eight days a week. This love just grows with every second. I truly could not be more excited for all the musical knowledge, inspiration and self-discovery that is about to go down. In the next few days I'm going to get through finals, pack, drive to Nashville, and wait for this all to truly hit me. 

Here is a playlist I made of songs that remind me of all the changes going on. The first song "Eight Days a Week" by The Beatles is my inspiration for the title of this blog. 

Changes Playlist

Please let me know in the comments if there is anything you really want to hear about or if you have recommendations for this blog!



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