Road Trippin'

Road Trippin'

I don't like goodbyes. And I never have. So, I may or may not have (meaning I did) cry when I was leaving New Orleans. Over the past two years this city has become my home. I have found incredible friends, found an unparalleled music scene which helped me develop my own songwriting, found mentors, and I found myself. 

I had been planning on heading to Nashville for the summer since last summer, but for some reason it did not truly hit me until I walked out of my empty dorm room and drove out of the city that has shaped me for the past two years of my life. The distance gave me some clarity and let what was laying ahead of me sink in. With each mile further from New Orleans, and further from the flash flooding we wetly escaped, I became more and more excited about my next destination. 

ROAD TRIP TIMEEEE! Major props to my mom for being the driver for this journey and for helping to Tetris-pack the car. I'd like to think I make a good co-pilot with my mostly accurate navigation skills and radio control. But, she undoubtedly did the hard work for this road trip. An 8 hour drive was a great time to catch up with someone I haven't seen in a while and see how many times we could hear "Old Town Road." We shared many laughs and stories over leftovers from Shaya (pretty please deliver across states) and McDonalds for those 530 miles.

We made it to Nashville before the sun set. Nashville. The music city. It was laid out in front of me. Unexplored, unplayed and unimaginably wonderful. The two of us wasted no time in making progress on #6 of my goal-list. We found a burger joint The Slider House not far from Music Row with some great live music. We sang along with the band's cover songs when we weren't devouring burgers. Then we crashed since sitting in a car for 8 hours is apparently exhausting. 

The next morning I did that thing. The few seconds right between the moment when you wake up and the moment you actually open your eyes. I was 150% convinced I was in my dorm. I could see my bedding, my desk and feel the twin sized bed I knew so well. But, the butterflies that quickly started flapping in my belly let me know that boy was I wrong. 

I was not in a dorm room and I was not in New Orleans. I was in a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. All those flapping butterflies calmed down as I realized where I was and I knew I was ready. 

Are you taking a road trip? Do you want some road trip music? Would you look at that! Here's a Road Trippin' playlist to ease those miles. 

Road Trippin' Playlist



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    ? everything about this! Do it girl! Be More!

    ? everything about this! Do it girl! Be More!

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    New adventures are always the best - head straight at them!

    New adventures are always the best - head straight at them!

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